Healing is not just becoming free from pain,

it is realizing that who you truly are was never really trapped.

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What people are saying about Live RUH

  • James’ practical, down-to-earth methods are melded with such great compassion, I am continually amazed and awed at his expertise in getting to the nitty-gritty of issues I’ve been going in circles with!
    – Shawn
  • "I think your workshop is one of the best I have ever attended. "When I turned for support, I received a knowing in my heart that no outside circumstance can limit it or stop it. Afterwards, I could feel my neck starting to relax and the next day, the neck pain was 90% better."
    – Sue
  • I came to this work physically depleted and in pain. In the course of the healing portion, James walked me through the pain and the beliefs holding it in place and helped turn me to the healing, loving light of the Divine. I feel totally transformed.
    – Nura
  • To feel new inspiration and see a way through to the other side is what I was deeply needing. I received the tools I need to live outside the stuck places I have been caught in for so long.
    – Andrea
  • What I enjoy most is your ability to convey concepts about spirituality in a way that removes my resistance to them. Ordinarily, I’d turn and head for the door but you do have a gift that helps bridge this gap and facilitate deep healing.
    – William
  • This program offered a powerful experience of the transformation this work can inspire. I had heard that Jim was an excellent teacher who made the Divine accessible, I could not have imagined how accessible, personal and easy.
    – Rex
  • What I like most about James Keeley's healing style is his ability to walk me quickly through a challenging situation while at the same time helping me understand why the situation is causing me so much pain and suffering. Finally and most importantly I learned how to turn to the Divine for true healing.
    – Lincoln
  • I have already used this work half a dozen times in the past week. And gone from tears to peace in 15 minutes or less every time!!! Yesterday, I woke up not at peace, so I delved right in those emotions until I reached peace and had a really good day!
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!
    – Kim
  • Simply being around Jim is amazing -- he packs more useable wisdom into every moment of teaching than anyone I've ever known. If you are really committed to becoming the person you long to become, I think you owe it to yourself to at least check out the possibility of doing this program."
    – Dmitri
  • The lens through which I’m able to view the problems and issues my clients are having has completely changed. My perspective on their concerns has become clearer and more focused. As a result, I’m able to be more effective with them in a smaller span of time.”
    – Sandra A. Crowe, Author, "Since Strangling Isn't an Option"
  • I am astounded and touched by the usefulness and simplicity of these teachings . I have found them immediately applicable and helpful in my life. They are helping me approach my life in a more balanced and whole fashion bringing to bear all of the potentialities of my self.
    – Will M.
  • Of all the work I have done in my adult life professionally or personally this is one of the deepest and most profound. James is a fun, skillful leader through this journey.
    – Tony
  • What I find most remarkable is how permanent the changes in my life have been. It has been two years since one weekend workshop he gave that I attended in Austin, and I still directly reference (weekly!) what I learned there for my own personal growth, and in guiding my clients.
    – Charlotte
  • The program for me was fabulous. You take what looks to a person like a very complex problem and issue and make it so simple, it's amazing. The transmission of love and understanding I received personally has changed my life since. I am no longer stopped by the fear I chronically experienced in certain situations.
    – Dan